• When is Jökulsárlón | Glacier Lagoon Open?

      A: The Café by the lagoon is open all year round except for 23.december– 26.december and 31. December – 2. January. The opening hours of the Café are from 10 – 17 every day except in June, July and August when we are open from 9-19. The boat tours are operated from early May throughout September depending on the weather. For the past two years the boat tours have been operate from the end of April to the end of November. We are always trying to expand the season so if you want to go on the boat tour don´t hesitate to contact us by phone to see if we are running the tours.
      Our phone number is: +354 478 2222.

      When the boat tours are operated the last trip usually leaves one hour before we close.

    • How many boat trips are offered per day?

      During high season in June, July and August there are many trips a day but at least every half hour. The last trip will depart around 18:00 O’clock. It is possible to call our number 4782222 if a group is late.

    • How long does a boat trip take?

      Each cruise takes about 30 to 40 minutes..

    • Is it necessary to book in advance?

      For individuals it’s not necessary to book in advance. They just ask for the next boat when they arrive at the lagoon and make a booking then. But for groups of 12 or more persons it is recommended to book in advance. You can buy tickets online by using the „Book now“ tab to the left. This however doesn’t give you a precise time for a boat but might speed things up once you visit us.

    • Where do I find Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon?

      It’s very easy to find us. We are situated in the south east of Iceland close to road no. 1 …..you can’t miss us!.

    • Is it possible to take children on board of the boats?

      Yes, that’s possible. We have life vests in all sizes also for our youngest guests. But we do not recommend that people take children younger than two years on the boats.

    • What about the safety on board of the boats?

      Everyone on board gets a life vest which they have to wear during the cruise.
      People who don’t want to wear a life vest are not allowed on the boats

      On the Zodiac tours passangers are provided with flotation suits and a lifejacket

      The staff on the lagoon is specially trained for maximum passanger safety.

    • Is it cold? Do people need special clothes, for example overalls?

      No, people don’t need any special clothes but we don’t offer any waterproof clothing and therefore we suggest that people dress rather warm. The boats are open and without any roof. The temperature on the lake is similar to the temperature on land..

    • Is it dangerous to cruise on the lake?

      The safety of our passengers is insured by well trained staff on each boat. No accidents every happened since we started cruising on the lagoon in 1985. Our boat drivers have a lot of experience and a good knowledge about the lake. They know exactly where to drive with the boats without taking any risk. Each of the large amphibian boats is followed by a quick lifeboat for your safety..

    • Is it possible to bring your own boat, for example a kayak?

      We do not recommend that people drive their own boats on the lagoon because the icebergs are floating around. They break apart and flip over.Taking your own boat out on Jökulsárlón lagoon is on your own responsibility.

    • What happens on board of the boats during a cruise?

      There is a tour guide on board of each boat who’s part it is also to make sure that the passengers are safe. After driving out on the lake the boat stops and the guide informs you about the lagoon, the icebergs and the surrounding area. He will also answer all the questions people ask..

    • Is camping possible at the lagoon?

      No, there is no camping site here but people in a camping van (with toilet) are allowed to stay on the parking lot.